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Dec. 7, 2022

Ideas for Giving Back at the Holidays

Ideas for giving back this holiday season

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself in the holiday spirit, or perhaps in more of a stressed-out spirit. Either way, it’s a wonderful time of year to give back to your community.

You'll find that there are countless opportunities to get involved this time of year and taking time to think of others and do some good can help put everything else in perspective. Here are some of the ways you can give back this holiday season.

DonationsDonate to Your Preferred Charity
Charitable giving is one of the most effective ways you can help people and organizations in need. Volunteering your time and skills is excellent, but every organization needs money and resources on-hand to cope with new challenges. There are many options out there for charities you can donate to. A few favorites among people looking to donate during the holiday season include Toys for Tots, Meals on Wheels, and St. Jude.

If you plan to donate physical items like toys or supplies, keep in mind that some charitable organizations place restrictions on what they will accept this time of year. Check your charity’s website to see what items they need the most.

Volunteer at a Local Food Bank
Food banks are always on the lookout for volunteers. From sorting food to delivering meals to hosting food drives, there are plenty of ways to provide hands-on help. Many food banks even allow for virtual volunteering too. For instance, Feeding America is an organization that provides volunteers with the opportunity to write thank-you notes or make thank-you calls to donors. If you have children, they could help you decorate cards with drawings or stickers.

Help a Neighbor
One of the simplest ways you can get involved in your community is by doing something nice for a neighbor. If you have an elderly, or less-mobile neighbor, consider lending a hand with property upkeep – raking leaves, shoveling snow, hanging holiday lights. Once cooler temperatures set in, elderly individuals or those with limited mobility might find it difficult to complete such arduous tasks. Small tasks go a long way too – helping with groceries or packages, bringing in a trash can, etc.

Start a Holiday Donation Jar with Your Family
If you have children, a holiday donation jar is a great way to get everyone in the family involved in the holiday season. For instance, your children could donate a portion of their allowance to the jar. You could also match your children's donations and set a goal to reach by the end of the holiday season. Decide together where your funds will go so everyone is invested in the outcome.

Visit a Nursing Home or Children's Hospital
The holidays can be a lonely time for many people, especially those that are unable to go home or be with loved ones. Facilities like children's hospitals and nursing homes usually welcome visitors, but it’s important to call ahead of time to make sure. Ask what time is best for visiting, which residents are most in need of company, and what activities they might enjoy. You can plan to read stories, sing songs, or just have a friendly conversation.

How ever you decide to give back this year, know that even the smallest efforts can make a world of a difference to someone in need. Our community is stronger when we work together.

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Nov. 9, 2022

Home Buying Competition is Easing

It's no secret that buyer demand has been extremely high ever since the Federal Reserve substantially reduced interest rates during the pandemic. In fact, the median value of a home grew by more than 17% in 2021, which was the result of exceedingly high demand and a relatively low housing supply.

When the market conditions heavily favor the seller, it's common for intense bidding wars to take place and home prices to be driven up as a result. While buyer competition is still high, there are signs that competition is easing.

Fewer Offers
According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, the average number of offers made on sold homes has dropped by a considerable amount over the last few months.

The average number of offers per home reached a high of 5.5 in April 2022. Since then, the numbers have dropped steadily with each passing month. In May the average was around 4.0 offers, in June it fell to 3.3, and by July the average was just 2.5 offers per home. This number may drop even further in the months to come.

Higher Interest Rates
This decrease in offers can be attributed to two things. Number one, higher interest rates. Multiple Fed rate hikes this year have made it more expensive to buy a home and have caused some buyers to leave the market temporarily. Number two, a slightly higher inventory of homes on the market. Buyers have more options to choose from and may not be scrambling to put offers in. With lower buyer demand and more homes on the market, competition is effectively reduced.

What These Trends Mean for You
Even though there were a high number of buyers that were searching for homes in 2021, many potential buyers decided to stay out of the market because of the intense competition. Even if you were willing to offer more than asking price, there was a good chance that you would have been outbid throughout most of 2021.

What the last few months indicate is that buyer competition is easing, which significantly reduces the possibility that you'll need to manage a bidding war. Even though the market is still tilted towards sellers, a greater number of homes on the market means that potential buyers may be able to make an offer and purchase a home without too much hassle.

If you avoided buying a home over the past couple of years because of the high competition, now might be a great time to start searching for a new home. Even though buyer demand is still relatively high, it has dropped considerably over the past few months. If you're in the market for a new home, you should have less competition when making an offer.

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Aug. 17, 2022

Ashe County History Part II

Transportation in the County exhibited meager beginnings, showing reliance on trails used by horse and pack animals. Eventually, a few all-weather roads were constructed, several being private and requiring the payment of toll fees. Beginning in 1915, the Norfolk and Western Railway Company railroad operated for about 62 years in Ashe County. 1977 saw the establishment of the Ashe County Airport, sporting a 4,300 feet runway capable of facilitating small to medium sized jets.

Hunting, trapping and farming were of early significance to Ashe County citizens. Traditional crops included wheat, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat, fruits and vegetables. Cattle operations have also been historically important to the local economy. The early 1900s saw much activity in the dairy industry, with cheese making factories in Grassy Creek and Beaver Creek, Sturgills, Crumpler and Ashland. Eventually, the Kraft-Phoenix Creamery established a plant in West Jefferson in the 1930s. Having had several owners, the plant is now the Ashe County Cheese Plant, for many years, the only such facility in North Carolina. In addition to the harvesting of crops, mining operations have flourished locally, including those seeking iron and copper ores. Copper mining started in the late 1800s, with Ore Knob being possibly the best known mine (at one time, being the leading copper producing mine in the United States). During these times, most farm implements used locally were forged in Ashe County. Helton was the iron-making center of the County, producing plows, hoes, wagon wheels, axes, mattocks and shovels.

Another early industry to establish and thrive in Ashe County has been the Phoenix Chair Manufacturing Company, started around 1935 as a byproduct of chairs being produced in a small saw milling operation. Some of the Phoenix Company’s contemporaries include the Knox Knitting Company of Creston, an Oak Flooring Company established by W. E. Vannoy in 1935 and the Peerless Hosiery Company, beginning in 1953. Currently, larger companies located in Ashe County include American Emergency Vehicles, James R. Vannoy & Son Construction, GE Aviation, United Chemi-Con, Inc., Leviton Manufacturing, Inc., and McFarland & Company, Inc.

Ashe County’s early education system consisted of private schools, being held either in the summer or winter. A County Examiner was responsible for certifying teachers, who were primarily women or young girls during summer, and men or young boys during winter. Classes were often held in churches, homes or vacant stores, and teachers would stay alternately with different families within the community. Public schools began in the county in 1870, with school consolidation beginning in 1930. Separate schools for black and white children operated until 1965, when the system was integrated by the County. Currently, the County operates one high school, one middle school and four separate elementary schools.

Ashe County is a traditional, mountain community, which holds strong to the traditions and values that have been developed over time, and wrought through experience and struggle. It would take a lifetime to explore and properly appreciate every facet of this large county with a small- town feel. Rest assured that the good people of Ashe County are willing to meet the future with anticipation. Most any citizen will greet newcomers and old friends alike with an open home and heart, and will work diligently together, to preserve the lifestyle that makes Ashe County so wonderful. For additional historical notes and documentation, contact the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce


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July 22, 2022

Ashe County History-Part I


Prior to the 18th century, Ashe County History is somewhat obscured. The Cherokee, Creek and Shawnee Indians hunted, fished and battled within the region. Peter Jefferson led a surveying party in 1749 to establish a line between North Carolina and Virginia, as early settlers and visitors alike were unsure as to whether they were in one or another. In 1752, Bishop Augustus Spangenberg, head of the Moravian Church of America, made the first recorded visit, in search of 100,000 acres of land for settlement purposes. References to hunting expeditions date back to the 1770’s, David Helton being one of the earliest, and Daniel Boone certainly being the most recognizable. Ashe County’s first recorded deed is dated 1773.

Encompassing approximately 427 square miles, Ashe’s boundaries have been a topic of continuing dispute throughout the years. The area was part of Anson County during the early English colonization period; became part of Rowan County in 1753, Surry County in 1771, Wilkes County in 1777 and was briefly part of the State of Franklin from 1784-89. Incorporated as a separate entity by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1799, Ashe County came into its own. There have, however been several small additional adjustments to our borders over time.

Seeking a “proper and convenient” place to be the County’s seat, the North Carolina General Assembly appointed a special commission in 1799. In the first of many displays of exorbitant spending, the commissioners purchased 50 acres of land for $100. With this expenditure, the Town of Jefferson (for a short time called Jeffersonton) was born, being the first town in the nation to bear the name of Thomas Jefferson, who happened to be the Vice President of the United States at the time. Other incorporated towns within Ashe County include Lansing and West Jefferson, undoubtedly the County’s retail and service hub, offering a wonderful traditional-style walkable downtown.

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June 8, 2022

Christmas in July Festival RETURNS

Christmas In July Festival Returns

West Jefferson, NC – Ashe County’s Christmas in July Festival is returning to Downtown
West Jefferson with a new look and footprint for the festival!

An opening ceremony will kick off the festival on Friday, July 1, 2022 at 5 PM followed by
an entertainment lineup especially for the Friday evening crowd. Saturday will be a full
day of fun for all ages with festival hours of 9AM-5PM.

In support of the Downtown West Jefferson merchants, the festival craft vendor tents will
be located on Jefferson Avenue leaving sidewalks clear for walking and more space
between booths than in years past. There will be an all new food court with plenty of
food options including food trucks and some of the festival’s popular and anticipated
food vendors.

The Farmers Market will return to the festival offering some of Ashe County’s very best
homegrown and handmade items including jams, jellies, produce, crafts & more. The
Farmers Market will open at 8 AM Saturday.

Street performers will be roving the crowd showcasing talents such as magic, juggling,
and balloon art. Straight from the North Pole, Santa & Mrs. Claus plan to attend the
festival as well!

The Festival invites interested craft and food vendors to complete an online registration
by going to The deadline to get the early bird
registration is March 31, 2022.

The Christmas in July Festival celebrates the Christmas Tree industry and mountain
heritage with arts, crafts, and local entertainers representative of the region. The
Christmas in July Festival is identified as a 501c(3) non-profit organization by the IRS and
its board of directors & committee members are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly
throughout the year to host a fun, safe, family-friendly event for the entire community
and those visiting Ashe County.

For more information and updates on the festival, follow us on Facebook at Christmas In
July Festival or visit to learn more about the music
lineup, food vendors, fun and festivities planned. Make plans to visit Downtown West
Jefferson July 1 & 2, 2022.


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May 9, 2022

How to Avoid Buyer Remorse in a Hot Market


May 2022

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.How to Avoid Homebuyer’s Remorse in a Hot Market


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Buying a home is almost always a great investment, and of course it’s exciting to find and close on a home that you will get to call your own. That feeling of joy and confidence can fade quickly though if certain things are overlooked during the process. 43% of homeowners have at least one regret about buying their home, and that number jumps to 64% for millennials, according to a recent Bankrate survey.

Here are a few tips for ensuring your home purchase is regret-free.

Happy Homebuyer

Get to know the neighborhood
Don't let your enthusiasm for a home run away with you. Before making an offer, plan on touring the neighborhood several times. If you see folks outside, stop and chat with them. We’ve found that neighbors love to talk about the neighborhood and will share both the good and the bad.

Do some research on local schools. Even if you don't have school-age children and don't plan to, buying in the best school district you can afford is a smart move. Homes there hold their value better and are easier to resell.

Consider other factors like crime rate, commute times, and distance to other things that are important to you like parks or restaurants. These things will have a big effect on how you feel about your new home once you are actually living in it.

Be patient
There’s no getting around it - the market is hot and buyer competition is fierce. In these conditions it can be tempting to snatch up any home that is halfway decent just to be done with it. Unsurprisingly, homes bought with that rushed mentality don’t always live up to their hype down the line.

Even if things are moving quickly, make sure you take the time to examine the details, get a home inspection, and think about what you really want in your home. Keep an eye out for red flags and be okay with walking away if a home does not meet your standards. Buying a home is a huge financial decision, and not one that should be rushed!

Remember your budget
Bidding wars are all too common, but it’s important to balance what you want with what you can afford. A bank may approve you for more than you want to spend every month, but outspending your budget will not improve how you feel about your home purchase down the line. It’s up to you to know what your true budget is, and factor in future maintenance costs, insurance, etc.

Work with experienced professionals
Working with a team you trust can help you avoid major regrets. Pick an experienced mortgage lender and loan officer that will help you evaluate all your options. Choose a knowledgeable real estate agent who listens to your needs, knows the area well, and will negotiate with sellers to get you what you need – Century 21 prides itself on these traits and would love to demonstrate this value to you.

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April 26, 2022

New River


New River

Renowned as the second oldest river in the world, the New is a National and State Wild and Scenic River and one of the first American Heritage Rivers. North Carolina maintains three parks along the river, each a day’s canoe ride apart for primitive riverside camping and picnicking.  Come spend some time in Ashe County and enjoy the best nature has to offer

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April 13, 2022

Looking for Something to do in Ashe County?

Visiting Ashe County is an event in itself.  So if you get tired of viewing the beautiful mountains, clear rivers & streams, hiking trails and farmland, here are some upcoming events that might interest you during your visit:


Upcoming Events

·         Ashe County Farmers Market- open for the season April 16

·         Kool Nites and Hot Rods - April 16 

·         Mom’s Night Out - May 6

·         Backstreet Park Concert - Crooked Road Ramblers - May 27

·         Backstreet Park Concert- Wayne Henderson, Herb Key, Randy Greer - June 3

·         Gallery Crawl - June10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 15

·         Christmas In July - July 1-2

·         Ashe County Bluegrass and Old Time Fiddlers Convention  - July 22-23

·         Studio Tour - August 6-7

·         Art on the Mountain - September 24

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March 17, 2022

Above & Beyond