Foreclosed Homes in Ashe County

foreclosed homes ashe county nc

Over the past years shows about flipping houses have come onto the market with a bang! These shows focus on buying homes that need a little extra love and attention and they turn them into amazing homes! Therefore, homes under foreclosure have become a major point of interest in the world of real estate.

With Ashe County real estate prices on the rise, a great place to look for your next home to flip is Century 21 Heritage Realty. We have options for any area of Ashe County and have several homes offered through short sale or foreclosure. Although many have different connotations about purchasing a home that has been foreclosed on, it is really no different from buying a regular home. However, you should know before getting into the thick of buying a foreclosed home, there will be a lot of hard work involved.

At the time of this post, here are 24 properties that are listed in foreclosure, or a short sale scenario in the High Country MLS. In Creston, there’s a property with two very large homes totaling over 10,000 square feet and tons of potential for being made into a small farm/ranch, or bed and breakfast for just $304,000. It’s situated on 15 acres of land. It’s situated right beside Three Top Mountain state property and could even be made into a small hostel or lodging location for travelers looking to access and enjoy Three Top Mountain. This ‘island in the sky’ needs a visionary buyer that will transform it into what it could be. Our area needs a new venture of this sort. You certainly would likely not have trouble finding business.

In Roaring Gap, in Alleghany County, you’ll find a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 2,299 square foot home on a nice lot, listed for $222,500. This home has a charming trim and lots of nice features. The best part is it’s proximity to the High Meadows Golf and Country Club. IT’s located on the #7 green!

If you are looking for an absolute steal, check out this property listed for $137,500 in Lansing. It features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, and has 1,788 square feet. MLS #214773 features some new improvements as repairs have recently been made to it. The owner of the property is adamant about it being move-in ready, so you can expect it to only improve until it is sold.

Want to find a property for less than $100,000? Right now there are three fantastic options in Ashe County real estate foreclosures. One in West Jefferson, with 902 square feet (MLS #219363), another in Jefferson with 1,039 square feet (MLS #219324) and a spacious mobile home in Fleetwood featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (MLS #214045) for under $100,000. These homes would be great starter homes for singles, or a small family.

If you are interested in buying foreclosures in the Ashe County real estate market, please give us a call. We can guide you through the process and represent you and your interests as a buyer. If you’ve never bought real estate before, you should be aware that buying a foreclosure is a much different process than buying a home for sale that is not in a foreclosed or short sale scenario. Lenders generally want to see a home be in livable condition before offering you financing for a foreclosure. If the home is in a reasonable condition, and you are considered a well qualified client, with excellent credit and good signs of being a reliable financee, then they will extend a loan to you. First time home buyers should not be leery of buying a foreclosure, it is possible, however there are conditions that you need to ensure are in place and you should expect to have to make some level of improvements in most cases.

NC Housing Market Analysis for 2020

The North Carolina housing market it hot right now.  Thousands of people are moving to the state every day for different reason.  Some are looking for real estate in a big city like Charlotte, while others are looking to find a little respite in the quiet mountains of Ashe County. Our region is perfectly situated far enough away from the hub of Boone, North Carolina and all of its traffic from being the home of Appalachian State, to offer quiet views and exceptional outdoor pursuits. The widening project of Highway 221 through Deep Gap in Watauga County, to West Jefferson creates a great deal of growth potential for our area.


2020 Real Estate Trends – Info You Should Know

Wow, we can’t believe it’s already 2020. We are ready for the real estate sales that this year will bring. You may be aware of this, but 2019 was a huge year in the U.S. housing market. Nationally, median home prices went up to $316,000, which is a record high figure. Folks are already talking about the real estate market in 2020 and what this year will bring. Will it be like last year and prove to be a record breaking year? We pulled together some insights into the trends for the 2020 real estate market that you should be aware of.

real estate ashe county trends

Trend #1 – Home Prices are Slowly Rising….Still

Home prices are still going up, ever so slowly. This upward movement is nice to see, however last year’s home prices grew slower than the previous year’s growth. This year is expected to be about like last year in terms of the growth in home prices rising. Experts believe that the growth will be somewhere around 2.8% nationally. That means that home prices will continue to creep up higher and higher. This is not a bad thing for buyers even though prices may slowly be going up. This is a sign of a healthy market. Sellers love the possibilities here as there are higher profits on the horizon. You might see lower numbers of offers if you are placing your home on the market due to some buyers being placed out of the market due to the rising costs. You should wait for the right offer, and ensure that your home has a lot of curb appeal compared to others in your market area.

Trend #2 – Mortgage Interest Rates Have Dropped

Since 2019, mortgage interest rates have been dropping at a steady pace for most types of loans. This has made banks have to compete more for your loan. Right now, interest rates are lower than 4%. For a 30 year mortgage expect them to be around 3.7%, and around 3.2% for a 15 year mortgage. We could see the Federal Reserve raise the rates slowly to even out the shifts in the economy that might evolve from tariffs and trade wars, however it shouldn’t be anything too significant. Sellers love seeing this trend as it generates more buyers in the market, increasing the odds that their home for sale will sell quickly. Our Ashe County real estate professionals are ready to assist you with the sale of your property in the area. Give us a call today to discuss the details that you’d like to ensure with your sale.

Trend #3 – Millennial Buyers

It’s not secret that the buyers of most properties right now seem to be from the millennial generation. They make up the largest percentage of home buyers in the country. Millennials are folks with birthdays in between 1980 and 1998, a wide range of years for a generation. This generation is Internet savvy and looking for deals online all the time. They do their research and are usually the first ones to use social media when it comes to, well, pretty much anything. What this means for sellers is that you should ensure that your property’s online presence is well represented. You should make sure that your online listings are upgraded and pushed to various arenas online that will ensure it is seen by this group of buyers. Millennial buyers are less concerned with the size of a home, and more concerned with its carbon footprint and luxury perks. They’ll pay extra for things like laundry rooms, hardwood siding, patio space, garage / indoor storage, and a walk in pantry. If you are a seller and you are thinking of what kinds of upgrades to make to your home before selling, you should think about this list of upgrades that millenials will be looking for most.

Buyers right now should expect that the market is filled with others like them. If you are looking for a family home with three bedrooms in a central location with nice perks added, expect a great deal of competition when it comes to your offers that you are making. When you keep this in mind you are guaranteed to be the top offer winner when there are a lot of other like-minded buyers in the same market as you.

We are a bit more insulated from national trends, being in a remote, mostly resort area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are surrounded by the wilderness and all of the best parts of living in a friendly, small town you can get when buying Ashe County Real Estate. Even though it may take a bit longer to notice these trends in our area, it is still worthwhile to be aware of them and that they are at play in our times right now.

If you are a buyer, we can show you our inventory of homes for sale Ashe County NC and help you find the home of your dreams. If you are a first timer, we can coach you through the entire process and help you to know what you should do to make a worthwhile offer in a market that includes many other buyers like yourself. If you are trying to sell your property for your asking price and ensure that it is properly marketed, give us a call so that our experts can handle all of the marketing of your property. We know what it it takes to sell Ashe County real estate.

Upcoming Ashe County / High Country Events in 2020

ashe county properties for saleThere are so many fun upcoming events taking place in our area. We put together a nice list of things to do and fun things to check out. Living in Ashe County, North Carolina is a blessing. We are so happy to call this area home. We love welcoming others to the area as well. If you are looking to buy or sell Ashe County real estate in the coming weeks or months, we invite you to give us a call at 1-800-865-4221.

Live Music – The Hotel Tavern Concert Series

Each Friday and Saturday, The Hotel Tavern, a downtown hotspot, features live music from 6pm to 9pm. The Hotel Tavern is located at 5 W Main Street in West Jefferson. The tavern website features a list of upcoming performers.

Music Bingo at the Brew Haus

This is an ongoing event that takes place at the Brew Haus at Boondocks Brewing Company each Thursday night except for the 2nd Thursday of each month. This is not your Regular Bingo. Music Clips will be played and you match the song to your Bingo Card. All music genre are covered…everything from Hank to Frank and a few TV shows mixed in to. Limited Menu and Cash Bar provided. Grab your friends and come enjoy a fun night out!!

Line Dancing Lessons – Every Thursday Night

Join Blue Ridge Theater & Jennifer Pasley-Smith for an hour of line dance instruction & an hour of free dance! $5.00/person at the door. The first Thursday of the month is beginner’s night where we’ll concentrate on learning one dance only; the other Thursday night’s of the month we’ll learn several dances. Come, join us & dance the night away. Located at the Blue Ridge Theatre & Event Center, 9331 Old Hwy 16 S, West Jefferson, NC. 

Phipps General Store Jam 

Every Friday night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in Lansing at the historic Phipps General Store visitors are treated to an ole time jam session. Admission is free. pectators sit and chat in benches by the old counter, or in chairs surrounding the musicians. You can hear good ole mountain music played by people of all ages, and visitors are welcome to participate. Free admission, donations welcome. Phipps General Store is located at 2425 Silas Creek Road, Lansing, NC 28643.

MLK Day Celebration by the Ashe County Arts Council 

The Ashe County Arts Council will be sponsoring a community celebration in honor of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 20 at 7:00 pm at the Ashe Arts Center in West Jefferson.The celebration will highlight the message of Dr. King and his teachings of peace, unity and equality in our society. This event is free and open to the public. For more information please call 336-846-2787.

Kruger Brothers Concert at Ashe Civic Center

Ashe County Arts Council will bring the trio the Kruger Brothers to the Ashe Civic Center on Saturday, January 25 at 7:30 pm. Kruger Brothers performances are exciting, entertaining and spontaneous, reflecting their sheer joy in playing music. Their virtuoso playing combined with the manner in which they interact with each other and with their audience makes their music uniquely special. Tickets are $27 $5 students. May be purchased at or by calling 336-846-2787.

Whitney Houston Tribute Concert – The Greatest Love of All  – at The Walker Center

Whitney’s musical legacy is brought to life in this critically acclaimed stage show described as “mind-blowingly spot on”. Be stunned by the breathtaking vocals of Belinda Davids who has performed alongside the likes of Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole and Monica. With the accompaniment of a five-piece live band, two backing vocalists and four choreographed dancers, plus state-of-the-art sound, lighting, vision and theatrical effects. The concert takes place on January 30, 2020 from 7:30pm to 9:30 pm at The Walker Center in Wilkesboro. The address is 1328 S. Collegiate Drive, Wilkesboro.

Lyle Lovett at ASU’s Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts 

A singer, composer and actor, Lyle Lovett has broadened the definition of American music in a career that spans 14 albums. Coupled with his gift for storytelling, the Texas-based musician fuses elements of country, swing, jazz, folk, gospel and blues in a convention-defying manner that breaks down barriers. The concert is slated for Saturday, February 1, 2020 from 7:00opm to 9:00pm in Boone. The address is 733 Rivers St, Boone.

Century 21 Heritage Realty features Ashe County realtors with expertise in buying and selling. You can search for properties using our search MLS feature. Ready to sell? We know how to move your property and ensure that it gets sold for your asking price or more. Give us a call to discuss the details.

View these Great Listings

ashe county real estate Ashe County is filled with some fantastic current Ashe County real estate listings. Whether you are looking to diversify your real estate portfolio, flip a home, buy you first home, or perhaps purchase a second home in the mountains, at Heritage Realty, we are the team you can trust. We’d love to schedule a time for you to tour and see one of these great properties. Please reach out to our team and call us at 1-800-865-4221 or 336-246-2664.

Ashe County Homes for Sale

2 Acres with Long Range Views & Quaint Home 
The 2,272 square foot home at 1577 Hidden Springs Rd Extension, West Jefferson, NC 28694 (MLS # 212641) has so much potential, and truly remarkable views. Built in 1975, it features long range views, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It could be made into a spectacular Air BnB or vacation rental, or your home away from home. It’s been on the market for over 200 days, and is perfect for the right buyer looking for a home that can be made into a dream vacation rental. It features floor to ceiling brick fireplaces, unique doweled oak floors, a large kitchen, and vaulted ceilings. Imagine putting up your Christmas trees next to a spectacular view that goes for 100’s of miles. It’s a short drive from the Mountains to the Sea hiking trail and downtown West Jefferson. The screened in porch is waiting for you.

Wrap Around Deck – Exceptional Views 

This 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1,896 square foot home located in Fleetwood features amazing views of the surrounding countryside. Located at 296 Keith Street, Fleetwood, NC 28626 (MLS # 206317) this property has several great features including a large 1st level master bedroom with ceramic tiling in the bath, and a walk-in closet. Two bedrooms are located on the second level and feature a bathroom and a deck. The house is settled on 1.29 acres of fantastic mountain land where you’ll frequently see deer roaming about. It is located close to the New River, but not in a location that you will need to worry about flooding.

Beaver Creek Location

Located at 468 Beaver Drive, West Jefferson, NC 28694 (MLS # 217954) this home is located in the heart of the Beaver Creek community and features 2 story living with a lot of potential. It would be ideal for a first time home buyer family, or an investor looking to rent the home. It has a unique flat lot where children can play. Imagine getting ready for Christmas complete with yard lights and cute fixtures on this flat yard in a great area. The home is only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath and comes with 2,411 square feet.

Start Home with Great Potential 

This home is a small 2 bedroom 1 bath, 992 square food home with 4.89 acres of land. It is minutes to West Jefferson and features a place for horses with a barn and pasture. There is an additional room located off one of the bedrooms, that could be used in the future for an additional bedroom or nursery, and an upstairs attic that is floored, perfect for storing all the items you might want to. The ceilings are 6 foot 6 inches, but it has so much potential. It has been on the market for quite an extended period and it awaits the right family to buy.

Ashe County Acreage and Land for Sale

118 Acres of Ashe County Land – Perfect for a Ranch

ashe county homes for sale Located at 415 Brenna Lane, Lansing, NC 28643 ( MLS #218842) this property comes with 118 +/- acres that feature plenty of rolling hills and open areas for horse, cattle, or potentially a tree farm. It has several springs, a stream and a pond for feeding and watering of livestock. It features a small farmhouse and guest cottage, with additional outbuildings that can be used for storage. The views are a must see! If you are looking for a place for your livestock to roam, check it out. The potential for this property is endless.

If you are looking to discuss having our Ashe County real estate agents and representatives showcase your property on our website, we would love to represent your listing. We can discuss the specifics and come up with a for sale price that you agree to. We ensure that we get top prices for our sellers.

West Jefferson Homes for Sale

ashe county north carolina real estate

Ashe County North Carolina Real Estate | Century 21 Heritage Realty

Looking for a place to buy real estate in a place that has great home values in Ashe County? Start your search on our site and look for West Jefferson homes for sale. Area Ashe County agents have just recently listed some great properties for sale in various price ranges.

At 219 Doe Ridge Drive, there is a great 3 bedroom, 3 bath house for sale settled on 5.68 acres of land that has only been on the market 3 days. Another one, 2939 Boggs Road, featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, has been on the market just 5 days. Looking for exceptional features? There is a 3 bedroom 3 bath home at 345 Sunset Ridge Road that features 2 acres of land that has only been listed on the MLS for just 12 days. There is a gorgeous West Jefferson home for sale with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, that has round tower features somewhat like a castle located at 546 Earl Ray Road if you are looking for a custom, unique home.

If you are looking for more space, or something non-traditional, check out the foreclosure/short sale opportunity in Creston, North Carolina that features 2 large private homes situated on 15 acres of land that includes a 5 stall horse barn, workshop, and outbuildings with more garage and equipment space. This property provides the buyer with several opportunities for making the property into something unique and different. These West Jefferson Homes for sale are adjacent to the Three Top Mountain State Park and Game Lands, and features views of Peak Mountain, Pond Mountain, and Whitetop Mountain. Check out MLS # 218439.

Ashe County is a remarkable place to call home or have as a getaway escape for the weekends and holidays. There is a great deal of investment potential in this area for those looking to purchase vacation rentals, and cabins. We would love to assist you with your search for West Jefferson homes for sale. We can show you properties that are located close to the town limits. We’d love work with you.

Ashe County Real Estate: The Best in the State

ashe county real estate

Ashe County real estate is the best in North Carolina! Contact Century 21 Heritage Realty for the best deals around.

Ashe County real estate is widely known across North Carolina for having the most beautiful yet still affordable land and homes. The rolling hills and glorious Carolina Blue skies will make you fall in love with Ashe County – so much so that you will want to move here if you don’t live in the county already! Century 21 Heritage Realty features 7 realtors who love Ashe County, West Jefferson, and their North Carolina communities. These professionals offer a variety of Real Estate services, all designed to accommodate YOU, the customer. Call us today at 800-865-4221 or use our contact form – and take the first step towards making your mountain living dreams come true.

Ashe County features attractions and activities for each age group. Whether you are a family with young children, a newly married young couple, or empty nesters looking to move to the peaceful mountains, Century 21 Heritage Realty can help you find the perfect Ashe County real estate.

In the summer, enjoy berry picking at one of the many beautiful Ashe County farms. In the fall, enjoy the Ashe County Corn Maze & Pumpkin Festival. You can visit Ashe County’s very own brewery year-round at Boondocks Brewing. Thistle Meadow Winery is Ashe County’s own winery and is an excellent place to spend time in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Treat yourself to years of happiness in our corner of the High Country and purchase Ashe County real estate today. View our online listings and find Ashe County real estate near your favorite attraction.

The office of Century 21 Heritage Realty has eight brokers with decades of experience in finding just the right property for any buyer. We invite you to stop by our office located at 11 Beaver Creek School Road in West Jefferson, NC and allow us the opportunity to meet and assist you with all of your Ashe County real estate needs.

Century 21 Listings

One thing many residents say about living in the Blue Ridge is that once you’ve moved here, you can’t live anywhere else. The reason why? It’s a combination of many factors that make this simultaneously the best kept secret in the United States, as well as famous for it’s cozy and “sleepy” connotations in pop culture. While the High Country is alive with activities, wildlife, and happy residents there’s something to be said about it’s “sleepy” or more accurately, “calming” presence.

century 21 listingsOur Homes

We have a wide variety of cabins and estates available throughout the High Country that will turn your head. We know what people are looking for when it comes to a mountain home. They’re looking for a beautiful place to rest their head and relax with their friends and family. In the High country there are plenty of secluded homes with beautiful vistas. Whatever you’re looking for we’ve got it.

Our Staff

Our staff and real estate agents are determined to find you your dream home. After all, dream homes are what we deal in. Here in the high country, you’ll find happy people and customer service you’ve never gotten the likes of anywhere else. Century 21 listings has the southern hospitality the High Country is known for as well as the professionalism and expertise you’ve been searching for.

century 21 listings

Our Promise

Century 21 Heritage Realty is the best real estate agency in the High Country. We will find you the home you’ve been looking for and then some. The best part about being a real estate agency in the High Country is selling homes on the Blue Ridge. The area is so wonderful it makes it easy.

You know the difference between the home you want and something you can deal with. Let us find a home you’ve only dreamed about.

Jefferson County Real Estate

Century 21 Heritage Realty is the best real estate business in West Jefferson, or the High Country for that matter. Our trained staff knows exactly what Jefferson County Real Estate is lacking in, or what it’s been saturated with. Our expert realtors dedicate their time and resources to find you your dream home.

When our realtors work, they do it with over 24 years of experience in the are. We know what we’re doing, and the housing market changes often. Those looking to buy homes in Jefferson County need real estate agents that know what they’re doing.

Jefferson County real estateThe Jefferson County Real Estate Area

Luckily, after you’ve seen Jefferson County you’ll know what you want. There’s a lot of sought after areas in the High Country and Jefferson County is one of them. You’ll find lots of spots with the perfect weather and great views.

The residents of Jefferson County are also worth noting, because the southern hospitality and friendly nature of the residents are a selling point for the area. It’s a great place to make some friends and go canoeing, swimming in your favorite local swimming hole, or just on a walk through some of the most beautiful country in the area.

The New River is nearby, as well as plenty of locations to get out and see the great outdoors. Not to mention, the weather will let you do it with a cool breeze and clean air to boot. The Mountains are what you’ve been looking for, believe it.


The Area’s Activities

It’s not all just outdoors either, there’s plenty of areas to lose an afternoon in. The area is qhat you’d expect, cozy little mountain towns with art galleries, thrift shops and more. Friendly small businesses dot the landscape and you’ll find quality services and happy people inside. There’s a lot to be cherished about this slice of America.

Call Century 21 to get the best Jefferson County Real Estate available. We’re happy to help you find your dream home in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.


Century 21 Real Estate

One of the best places to live in the United States is the Blue Ridge. The weather is temperate, the landscapes are beautiful, and the people are kind. There are many different locations with their own flavor within the Blue Ridge. All are heavily influenced by the beauty of the mountains and the woods that cover them. Take a ride on the New River down to pioneer country, and see what Century 21 Real Estate has to offer in the High Country.

century 21 real estateThe People

The people that live in the Blue Ridge have every excuse to be friendly, and they deliver with kindness and compassion at all times. You’ll know you’re getting that southern comfort and compassion from your neighbor to the clerk at the grocery store. The Blue Ridge has a calming effect on it’s visitors, and that doesn’t ever seem to cease for those that decide to live here.

century 21 real estateThe Places

The homes that we have for rent and sale in the Blue Ridge are magnificent. You’re sure to find a location that will have you been wondering why you haven’t moved here long ago. If you’re fond already of Ashe Country, West Jefferson, and the North Carolina Mountain communities you already know what you’re in for. Otherwise, peruse our website to find the best homes for sale in the country.

The Office

You’ll find our office in West Jefferson.  It’s log cabin trappings will show you just what kind of experience you’ll be getting when you go with Century 21 Real Estate. If the city has got you down, or you’re just looking to move to a better part of the country.

Whatever it is you need, you’re sure to find a place here with us at Century 21 Real Estate. Call now to speak with one of our representatives. We’ll be sure to get you in the home you’ve been looking for as quickly as possible.

Homes For Sale in Watauga County

Homes For Sale in Watauga CountyIf you’re looking for real estate in North Carolina’s High Country, Century 21 Heritage Realty can assist you. There are beautiful homes for sale in Watauga County NC and the surrounding areas. With moderate temperatures, sweeping mountain vistas and great school systems, owning property in Watauga County is a great investment. And our team of realtors at Century 21 can get you into the property that best matches your needs and budget.

Available Homes for Sale in Watauga County NC

When searching for homes for sale in Watauga County NC, we guarantee you’ll be astounded at the bounty of the market. The Watauga County area has grown in the real estate market for years now, only just recently leveling out. We at Century 21 Heritage Realty believe it’s an excellent time to be searching for properties in the area. From rustic log cabins to brand new builds, there is a variety of homes available on the market today. And because our real estate team has been working in the area for years, we’re confident we can find you the perfect place to call home.

The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway runs through the area, and provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking. Calm and serene inland lakes can also be used to kayak, swim or fish. Tourists and residents alike also flock to the nearby New River for tubing, fishing and canoeing. And with three area ski resorts, zip lining and a variety of downtown districts, Watauga County has something for everyone.

Contact Us Today

Our offices are always welcoming, and our realtors are ready and willing to help you find the homes for sale in Watauga County NC that you’re looking for. When you’re ready to own property on the Blue Ridge, contact the area experts at Century 21 Heritage Realty. You can reach one of our expert realtors by phone at (800) 865-4221 or through our contact form.