Ashe County Real Estate: The Best in the State

ashe county real estate

Ashe County real estate is the best in North Carolina! Contact Century 21 Heritage Realty for the best deals around.

Ashe County real estate is widely known across North Carolina for having the most beautiful yet still affordable land and homes. The rolling hills and glorious Carolina Blue skies will make you fall in love with Ashe County – so much so that you will want to move here if you don’t live in the county already! Century 21 Heritage Realty features 7 realtors who love Ashe County, West Jefferson, and their North Carolina communities. These professionals offer a variety of Real Estate services, all designed to accommodate YOU, the customer. Call us today at 800-865-4221 or use our contact form – and take the first step towards making your mountain living dreams come true.

Ashe County features attractions and activities for each age group. Whether you are a family with young children, a newly married young couple, or empty nesters looking to move to the peaceful mountains, Century 21 Heritage Realty can help you find the perfect Ashe County real estate.

In the summer, enjoy berry picking at one of the many beautiful Ashe County farms. In the fall, enjoy the Ashe County Corn Maze & Pumpkin Festival. You can visit Ashe County’s very own brewery year-round at Boondocks Brewing. Thistle Meadow Winery is Ashe County’s own winery and is an excellent place to spend time in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Treat yourself to years of happiness in our corner of the High Country and purchase Ashe County real estate today. View our online listings and find Ashe County real estate near your favorite attraction.

The office of Century 21 Heritage Realty has eight brokers with decades of experience in finding just the right property for any buyer. We invite you to stop by our office located at 11 Beaver Creek School Road in West Jefferson, NC and allow us the opportunity to meet and assist you with all of your Ashe County real estate needs.

Century 21 Listings

One thing many residents say about living in the Blue Ridge is that once you’ve moved here, you can’t live anywhere else. The reason why? It’s a combination of many factors that make this simultaneously the best kept secret in the United States, as well as famous for it’s cozy and “sleepy” connotations in pop culture. While the High Country is alive with activities, wildlife, and happy residents there’s something to be said about it’s “sleepy” or more accurately, “calming” presence.

century 21 listingsOur Homes

We have a wide variety of cabins and estates available throughout the High Country that will turn your head. We know what people are looking for when it comes to a mountain home. They’re looking for a beautiful place to rest their head and relax with their friends and family. In the High country there are plenty of secluded homes with beautiful vistas. Whatever you’re looking for we’ve got it.

Our Staff

Our staff and real estate agents are determined to find you your dream home. After all, dream homes are what we deal in. Here in the high country, you’ll find happy people and customer service you’ve never gotten the likes of anywhere else. Century 21 listings has the southern hospitality the High Country is known for as well as the professionalism and expertise you’ve been searching for.

century 21 listings

Our Promise

Century 21 Heritage Realty is the best real estate agency in the High Country. We will find you the home you’ve been looking for and then some. The best part about being a real estate agency in the High Country is selling homes on the Blue Ridge. The area is so wonderful it makes it easy.

You know the difference between the home you want and something you can deal with. Let us find a home you’ve only dreamed about.

Jefferson County Real Estate

Century 21 Heritage Realty is the best real estate business in West Jefferson, or the High Country for that matter. Our trained staff knows exactly what Jefferson County Real Estate is lacking in, or what it’s been saturated with. Our expert realtors dedicate their time and resources to find you your dream home.

When our realtors work, they do it with over 24 years of experience in the are. We know what we’re doing, and the housing market changes often. Those looking to buy homes in Jefferson County need real estate agents that know what they’re doing.

Jefferson County real estateThe Jefferson County Real Estate Area

Luckily, after you’ve seen Jefferson County you’ll know what you want. There’s a lot of sought after areas in the High Country and Jefferson County is one of them. You’ll find lots of spots with the perfect weather and great views.

The residents of Jefferson County are also worth noting, because the southern hospitality and friendly nature of the residents are a selling point for the area. It’s a great place to make some friends and go canoeing, swimming in your favorite local swimming hole, or just on a walk through some of the most beautiful country in the area.

The New River is nearby, as well as plenty of locations to get out and see the great outdoors. Not to mention, the weather will let you do it with a cool breeze and clean air to boot. The Mountains are what you’ve been looking for, believe it.


The Area’s Activities

It’s not all just outdoors either, there’s plenty of areas to lose an afternoon in. The area is qhat you’d expect, cozy little mountain towns with art galleries, thrift shops and more. Friendly small businesses dot the landscape and you’ll find quality services and happy people inside. There’s a lot to be cherished about this slice of America.

Call Century 21 to get the best Jefferson County Real Estate available. We’re happy to help you find your dream home in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.


Century 21 Real Estate

One of the best places to live in the United States is the Blue Ridge. The weather is temperate, the landscapes are beautiful, and the people are kind. There are many different locations with their own flavor within the Blue Ridge. All are heavily influenced by the beauty of the mountains and the woods that cover them. Take a ride on the New River down to pioneer country, and see what Century 21 Real Estate has to offer in the High Country.

century 21 real estateThe People

The people that live in the Blue Ridge have every excuse to be friendly, and they deliver with kindness and compassion at all times. You’ll know you’re getting that southern comfort and compassion from your neighbor to the clerk at the grocery store. The Blue Ridge has a calming effect on it’s visitors, and that doesn’t ever seem to cease for those that decide to live here.

century 21 real estateThe Places

The homes that we have for rent and sale in the Blue Ridge are magnificent. You’re sure to find a location that will have you been wondering why you haven’t moved here long ago. If you’re fond already of Ashe Country, West Jefferson, and the North Carolina Mountain communities you already know what you’re in for. Otherwise, peruse our website to find the best homes for sale in the country.

The Office

You’ll find our office in West Jefferson.  It’s log cabin trappings will show you just what kind of experience you’ll be getting when you go with Century 21 Real Estate. If the city has got you down, or you’re just looking to move to a better part of the country.

Whatever it is you need, you’re sure to find a place here with us at Century 21 Real Estate. Call now to speak with one of our representatives. We’ll be sure to get you in the home you’ve been looking for as quickly as possible.

Homes For Sale in Watauga County

Homes For Sale in Watauga CountyIf you’re looking for real estate in North Carolina’s High Country, Century 21 Heritage Realty can assist you. There are beautiful homes for sale in Watauga County NC and the surrounding areas. With moderate temperatures, sweeping mountain vistas and great school systems, owning property in Watauga County is a great investment. And our team of realtors at Century 21 can get you into the property that best matches your needs and budget.

Available Homes for Sale in Watauga County NC

When searching for homes for sale in Watauga County NC, we guarantee you’ll be astounded at the bounty of the market. The Watauga County area has grown in the real estate market for years now, only just recently leveling out. We at Century 21 Heritage Realty believe it’s an excellent time to be searching for properties in the area. From rustic log cabins to brand new builds, there is a variety of homes available on the market today. And because our real estate team has been working in the area for years, we’re confident we can find you the perfect place to call home.

The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway runs through the area, and provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking. Calm and serene inland lakes can also be used to kayak, swim or fish. Tourists and residents alike also flock to the nearby New River for tubing, fishing and canoeing. And with three area ski resorts, zip lining and a variety of downtown districts, Watauga County has something for everyone.

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Our offices are always welcoming, and our realtors are ready and willing to help you find the homes for sale in Watauga County NC that you’re looking for. When you’re ready to own property on the Blue Ridge, contact the area experts at Century 21 Heritage Realty. You can reach one of our expert realtors by phone at (800) 865-4221 or through our contact form.

Ashe County Log Homes For Sale

Ashe County Log Homes For SaleCentury 21 Heritage Realty has Ashe County log homes for sale today in the beautiful High Country of North Carolina. Our professional agents have been acquiring and managing properties throughout the Blue Ridge area for years. And one of our most often-requested types of estate are log cabins and homes. Whether you enjoy the rustic charm of a cabin or long to connect with nature, our expert agents can find you the perfect log home to meet and exceed your needs.

Ashe County Log Homes for Sale

Living in the mountains doesn’t mean you need to live in a log cabin. But once you see some of our Ashe County log homes for sale, you may want to. The High Country is a particularly popular place to build a cabin because of the spectacular views and dense forest. Whether you’d like to be tucked away in the woods or perched on a mountainside, our agents will find you a home that will satisfy your needs at a price that you can afford.

Ashe County in particular boasts a magnificent stretch of land. Small communities of people dot the beautiful hillsides. Nature lovers flock to the area to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. From fishing and kayaking to biking and hiking, there is no shortage of things to do in Ashe County. And those who truly enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscapes often reside in log cabins. The rough-hewn finishes and rustic decor is reminiscent of the magnificent landscapes surrounding the properties. To own your own piece of idyllic mountain property, work with the experts at Century 21.

Contact Century 21

You can reach our professional real estate agents by phone at (800) 865-4221 or through our online contact form. Even if you aren’t looking for Ashe County log homes for sale, you’ll find plenty of homes that may pique your interest with Century 21 Heritage Realty. Contact us today to begin searching for your dream home.

Ashe County Homes For Sale

Ashe County Homes For SaleHave you had enough of living in the city? Are you looking to live the best years of your life away from the hustle and bustle of urban life? Or have you always been interested in owning a picturesque mountain home? Allow Century 21 Heritage Realty to help you find what you’re looking for with our available Ashe County homes for sale. At Century 21 Heritage Realty, we understand that where you choose to live is important. So we work hard to find you the home that matches your wants, needs and budget.

Century 21 Heritage Realty Ashe County Homes for Sale

No matter where you look in the High Country, you won’t find a more beautiful landscape than in Ashe County. The Ashe County homes for sale throughout the region boast as much beauty and craftsmanship as the nature that they are so carefully placed within. At Century 21 Heritage Realty, we cultivate a list of covetable properties to provide our clients with a number of options to find their dream home. When you work with our realtors, you’re working with some of the most knowledgeable agents in the area. Trust us to find you the best place to call home.

Whether you’re looking for the most convenient location or the most remote, you’ll find a selection of unique and beautiful homes with Century 21. We’ve been managing real estate property for years, and we’ve long remained the best at it. Our realtors know all the Ashe County homes for sale, and will carefully choose the best fit based on your individual needs. We understand that the home buying process can be complicated and stressful. Which is why we use our years of expertise to ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Contacting Century 21 Heritage Realty

You can reach us online through our contact form or by phone at (800) 865-4221. Work with the best realtors in the area to show you all available Ashe County homes for sale.

Mountain Realty West Jefferson NC

Mountain Realty West Jefferson NC When you’re looking for a wholesome community nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, look no further than West Jefferson, North Carolina! West Jefferson offers a variety of exciting things to do. Special events, local eateries, arts and culture are all just some of the many wonderful activities you can expect to partake in when moving out to West Jefferson.

Century 21 Heritage Realty agents are dedicated to find you the best mountain realty West Jefferson NC has to offer. We’ll make sure to find you properties that also match your budget and needs. We have a proven track record and are consistently out-performing our competition. Most of our team members were born in raised in West Jefferson and the surrounding areas. So we know the beautiful High Country of North Carolina like the back of our hands.

Mountain Realty At Its Peak!

The opportunity to work with Century 21 Heritage Realty assures you an extraordinary level of professionalism and unyielding perseverance. Our clients experience peace-of-mind when they settle into the best mountain realty West Jefferson NC can offer. They know they’re teaming up with the most qualified and dedicated group of agents in the area. We are always looking out for your best interests and striving to make the process of buying mountain real estate as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Whether you are looking for a cabin in West Jefferson or Ashe County, or a home in the High Country, our team of agents knows this heavenly area better than anyone. Allow us to assist you! Navigating the vast terrain of mountain realty West Jefferson NC does not have to be daunting with our realty experts by your side. And with our knowledge of the area and the market, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal possible!

Contact us today to speak with an agent and schedule a viewing!

Homes For Sale in Ashe County NC

homes for sale in ashe county ncFor some, having a home nestled among the great outdoors is a means of escaping the daily hustle and bustle. However, others may see it as more of a lifestyle choice. No matter what category you find yourself in, any of theses beautiful homes for sale in Ashe County NC will have you entirely immersed in the wondrous nature that surrounds this area.

Some people assume that living in a small mountain town means giving up on just about every comfort they own. On the contrary, living in a natural setting can prove to be a greener lifestyle. When you move to Ashe County, you get both the natural splendor of nature without sacrificing modern luxuries.

Tight Knit Community

A small town just means a tighter knit community. With all the local food, friendly neighbors, and peaceful retreats, there is no question you’ll feel welcome. Once you purchase one of our homes for sale in Ashe County NC you will immediately feel right at home. But besides relaxing retreats, there’s also excitement to be had! There is no shortage of good fun to have in Ashe County. Two of the biggest cities in the state are only a few hours away. So you can have all the excitement of a big city life without the high property taxes.

The agents here at Century 21 Heritage Realty have a great local perspective of Ashe County because most of us have lived here all our lives! This intimate knowledge of the area allows us to have the competitive edge to provide you with concrete market awareness and comprehensive risk assessment. We offer the most complete real estate experience and are determined to find you the perfect match from one of our listed homes for sale in Ashe County NC.

Contact us today to speak with an agent!

Cabins For Sale in West Jefferson NC

Cabins For Sale in West Jefferson NCThe log cabin is one of the most quintessential examples of American architecture. Past presidents such as Abraham Lincoln grew up in the wilds of Kentucky in a log cabin. In addition to being one of the greatest leaders of our country, he changed the course of American History forever. When you purchase any one of our listed cabins for sale in West Jefferson NC, you are in good company. Some of the greatest and influential minds in our nation’s history resided in a log cabin. Experience for yourself what makes this dwelling so special!

Our agents at Century 21 Heritage Realty are armed with the experience and intimate knowledge of the West Jefferson area. But they’re also familiar with the rest of the beautiful High Country in glorious North Carolina. We strive to find you the perfect match from among our beautiful cabins for sale in West Jefferson NC. Utmost client satisfaction is our number one goal. And we don’t stop until you and your loved ones can settle comfortably into your new woodland home.

Charming & Contemporary

Now, just because the history of the log cabin dates back far in time, does not mean that living in one means you need to dawn your pitchfork and butter churner. The cabin is no longer a dwelling with a single stove to keep the entire place toasty. Instead, you can find that all of our listed cabins for sale in West Jefferson NC have been updated to keep up with the modern domicile with all the comforts and luxuries you expect from a house in the city. Imagine the splendor of waking up every day to views of the vast outdoors and all the wonders that encompass it. You are going to love it – guaranteed!

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