May 2020 Real Estate Figures for Ashe County up from last month

homes for sale in ashe county ncThe May 2020 Ashe County and High Country real estate sales figures are out this week and while regional home sales were down almost 40% in May, compared to May 2019, they were higher than April 2020 figures. Ashe County real estate offices are adjusting to serving clients in an unprecedented time of the COVID pandemic. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper ushered in Phase 2 of opening in mid-May and this move has allowed for increased business and movement within the economy of our state. Phase 2 has encouraged more potential buyers and sellers to reach out. Ashe County real estate agents are deemed an essential service, however there were certainly less business conducted in April than in May as a result of the shutdown orders in March and April.

Ashe County homes for sale in the inventory available are down, however the most attractive homes in the inventory are still selling quick. In the entire High Country Association of Realtors MLS inventory there are 148 area homes that were sold in the month of May. That’s 14% more than were sold in April. The High Country Multiple Listing Service (MLS) serves real estate professionals working in Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, and Watauga counties. Previously, in 2019, there were 242 homes sold in the area during the month of May. May 2019’s totals were the most unit sales recorded in any May since 2006 or earlier. Even though this May’s figures are lower, they are still higher than May sales figures recorded from 2008 to 2015 during the Great Recession and recovery period.

With regards to land and commercial real estate sales, there were 35 tracts of land that sold in May. The total amount of land sold was for $3.297 million. There were 13 tracts of Ashe County land for sale sold this month, as opposed to 12 tracts in Watauga, 5 in Alleghany, and 1 in Avery County. There were 2 commercial real estate transactions in May, one in Ashe County commercial real estate and another in Watauga.

In our county, there were 25 Ashe County homes for sale sold for $5.48 million in May; 4 more homes than were sold in the month of April. The median sale price was $215,000. A total of 50 new residential listings in Ashe County were added to the MLS this past month, bringing the total of active listings right now to 213 as of June 5.

We would love to assist you with Ashe County real estate transactions and work with you to find a mountain home that you love. If you are new to the area, we can help. If you are a first time home buyer, we can advise you of the process and be with you each step of the way in buying your first home. We welcome you to Ashe County and would love to meet with you.

Grassy Creek NC Homes for Sale

Grassy Creek, North Carolina is a community in Ashe County, near the Virginia border. It is a place filled with history, having been established sometime around the year 1788. Its population is exceedingly small, with anywhere between 500-600 inhabitants at any given time. Grassy Creek is a place with rolling hills and exceptional views. Living here, you’ll be treated to the finest things about each season of the year.

Currently, there are a few lot listings of Grassy Creek NC homes for sale and land, cheaply priced around 20,000 for about an acre of buildable land. Homes for sale here average about $200,000, however there are some homes for sale on the upper end of the range, being offered for about $1 million for 111 acres of land along Grassy Creek Road. Grassy Creek, NC is not to be confused with the golf course and country club of the same name, located in Spruce Pine, a pretty far distance away in Avery County.

We would love the opportunity to assist you with your search for Grassy Creek NC real estate. As the premier Ashe County real estate office, we can recommend home prices, properties to view, and much more if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Grassy Creek, North Carolina. If you are new to Ashe County, or are unsure of just where Ashe County is in relation to the High Country areas of Boone and Blowing Rock, we’d be glad to show you around and welcome you to the county. Let’s discuss your real estate needs today.

Home Values in Ashe County

The Home Values in Ashe County are much like the rest of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountain area known as the High Country. You can find some fantastic deals on large tracts of mountain acreage with homes that you will likely want to tear down and rebuild, and then other home listings that are on the higher end of your budget that feature a few of your wishlist items.

Home values in Ashe County and the rest of the mountains largely depend on their amenities, neighboring prices/sale values and what they are nearby to. For instance, homes for sale in Ashe County that are located close into the New River, West Jefferson and other popular features in the county tend to be more than cabins for sale in Ashe County that are further out of town. If a property has extensive flat lands attached to it and it’s close in to the amenities in the center of town you can be sure you’ll pay more for it than for a home that might be larger in size that is located further out in the county from the cities of West Jefferson and Jefferson.

Historic homes for sale in Ashe County tend to be worth more and are harder to find as property owners hold onto properties with a history in the area. Several commercial downtown West Jefferson real estate properties have historical value and are rarely ever up for sale.

If you have questions about home values in Ashe County and listing a property that you own in the county, we would be glad to assist you. We can speak to you about the options that you have for selling the Ashe County property and the process for doing so. We can do an analysis on nearby properties that are similar and advise you on what the best price to list the real estate for would be.

There has never been a better time to buy Ashe County real estate than right now. Interest rates are dropping and there are quite a few properties to select from or invest in in the county’s real estate listings. You can perform a search using our Search MLS feature. We would be glad to represent you as a buyers agent, or sellers agent, or both if you are looking to sell and then buy another property. We are knowledgeable about the ways in which you can use deferments and other exchanges to save money on taxes when buying and selling real estate. We would be glad to give you proper advice on best practices. Let’s discuss your needs.

Real Estate West Jefferson

Do you need assistance with real estate West Jefferson? Our team of talented real estate professionals are here to help you with marketing your property listed for sale in the High Country MLS. When we represent you, you get the attention and the benefit of decades of real estate experience. We can help you figure out the best asking price, market your property in a way that gets it seen by millions, communicate with your potential buyers and provide you with our best advice on the markets and how to handle offers that are made to buy your property. When you work with us you can be assured that your interests are always on our mind.

When you become a client of ours, we do our due diligence to represent your property in the best way to potential buyers looking for real estate in Ashe County. We walk the property with you, give you our best action plan for selling your property in a timely manner, and give you a unique, individualized analysis of what the property could sell for in the current market. If you’ve never had professional photographs taken of the property, we would be glad to lend our photographers who specialize in making your property look the best that it should in photos that will be used for marketing your listing.

Currently, there are just about 300 homes for sale in the real estate West Jefferson search criteria listed on the MLS. These properties are situated in the valley that lies between Mount Jefferson to the east, and Paddy Mountain to the west. The town limits are comprised of about 2.1 square miles of land.

Our agents can help you if you are looking to buy or sell. Connect with us so that we can discuss the ways in which we can serve you. Ashe County is a remarkable place. Learn more about other areas nearby to West Jefferson including Lansing, Laurel Springs, Creston, Clifton, Crumpler, Grassy Creek, Todd, Mouth of Wilson in Virginia, and Sparta, in nearby Alleghany County. We are the top Ashe County real estate professionals.

Scenes from Around Ashe County

There are so many beautiful scenes from Ashe County, “The Hidden Gem in Western North Carolina”. Below are some of our favorite places and things. We hope that everyone is staying safe and self quarantining during this time as our nation faces Covid-19. We are still available to help with all things related to Ashe County Real Estate. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your questions by phone.

Mount Jefferson State Park Sunsets

Blue Ridge Parkway Views

Ashe County Cheese Cows

Gorgeous Farms & Barn Quilts

Home Sales Peak in October – High Country Association of Realtors Report

homes for sale ashe county ncIn the High Country, homes and land sales soar in the summer months when the weather is perfect, not too hot and not chilly. This year, the hot sales figures for the summer season have continued through the fall, with October being the third consecutive month of near-record sales for the counties of Alleghany, Ashe, Avery and Watauga counties according to the High Country Association of Realtors. The median sold price in each of those three months was reported to be above $240,000, from the High Country Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

In October, real estate professionals sold 290 residential and multi-family homes worth $86.12 million throughout the High Country. When you look at figures from the past decade and before, the board realized that only in August 2018 have realtors sold this many homes in a month. In that month, they sold 295, only 5 more than this past October.

According to the report, Ashe County has a lot to be proud of. Sales recently have far surpassed the sale from 2 years prior, with 47 Ashe County homes for sale being sold for $10.86 million during the month. The median sale price was $218,000. This busted records for most homes sold in the county by Ashe County realtors since July 2017, when 48 homes were sold.

Interest rates are fantastic as well. According to Freddie Mac, the average 30-year fixed rate was 3.57 percent in October. This figure increased for a few weeks and then fell to 3.69 percent in November. The average 5 year fixed rate was 3.13 percent. Compare these low rates to a year ago and you’ll find that they are significantly lower. Last year at this time rates were hovering around 4.94 percent and 4.33 percent. Right now, at the time of this post, the 2nd week in December, their rates are 3.68 percent  and 3.39 percent respectively. There is certainly a downward trend happening at the moment with respect to interest rates. Now is a great time to invest in real estate Ashe County NC.

Whereas certain investments are currently affected by various trade wars and and different economic predictions, the housing market stands firm. Investors of real estate should be optimistic about the current climate of the housing market. If you are interested in buying Ashe County real estate, we invite you to contact our office at 1-800-865-4221 or 336-246-2664 so that we can discuss your wants for the property. There are so many spectacular properties available for sale. We are sure that there is an Ashe County home for sale that will fit your criteria.

Vacation Rentals in NC Mountains

ashe county north carolinaFor the best getaway imaginable, vacation rentals in NC mountains are a wonderful choice for true R&R. Whether you’re eyeballing vacation homes or would prefer a remote cabin rental with the backdrop of mountain views, there is something for you here in North Carolina. Outside of the general appeal of isolation and outdoor activities, many wonder if a mountain retreat would make a better vacation than a week at the beach. If you’re struggling to conjure up the reasons to pack your bags for a mountain vacation, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite reasons to choose the North Carolina mountains!

Reasons Why NC Mountain Vacations are the Best

You can’t go wrong with booking that romantic getaway mountain rental within NC’s Blue Ridge Mountains. For the epitome of scenic sights and relaxing hiking trails, no place compares to North Carolina. Let’s dive into a few of our top reasons why trips to the NC mountains make for the best getaways.

The NC Adventures Are Endless

It’s true. You will be hard pressed to run out of ideas for things to do in North Carolina. Both indoors and outdoors, there exists seemingly limitless opportunities to explore and experience. We’ve already mentioned the hiking trails. But there are other options like skiing, golfing, fishing, and ziplining. Grab a mountain bike to add an extra bit of spice to the outdoor adventuring you’re undertaking! There’s plenty to be experienced inside, too. From art galleries to cool boutiques for funky shopping trips, the entire family will find something to occupy themselves! Relax inside your mountain cabin with the wood burning, illuminating the earthy room. The sky’s the limit!

NC Has the Best Food Scene

nc diningEvery state has its merits. But not every state can say that their food scene is amazing. Okay, maybe they can say it, but is it true? In North Carolina, it is! Aside from its knack for delicious, award-winning barbecue, much of NC’s food scene is varied and equally mouthwatering. Regardless of whether you prefer hanging out at a dainty cafe or taking a loved one out to a fancy restaurant, North Carolina has something for you. There exists a variety of cuisines, too! So no matter your tastes or preferences, you’ll be certain to find options to satisfy the entire family or group.

Shop ‘Til You Drop in NC

In addition to the wide array of remarkable dining options, North Carolina also is fit to bust with shopping venues. Are you in the mood for top brands to add to your wardrobe? Or perhaps you’re seeking unique, one-of-a-kind gifts to bring back to the family. No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll find it in the High Country of North Carolina! There are also quite a lot of galleries and antique stores around these parts. You may just find the next best thing that you didn’t even know you were missing.

Embrace Your Creative Side

Not many people think of North Carolina as a bustling hub for creative expression. However, we’d argue that the art scene is alive and well around here! In Ashe County alone, you’ll find a variety of art galleries and creative venues to nurture your artistic side. Festivals and music shows abound as well. With thousands of local talented artists being featured, you’ll be impressed with what there is to discover between towns like Asheville and West Jefferson. Whether you want to spend a day at a larger art museum with the family or set your sights on a casual afternoon of window shopping for some new decorations, you’ll find it in North Carolina’s mountain towns.

Uncover the Beauty of North Carolina

affordable country homeAfter experiencing the rustic beauty of the High Country, you might just find yourself eyeballing the North Carolina real estate market. Many vacationers have quickly become residents due to the leisurely life and fun times to be had here. If you’re interested in starting fresh and new, there’s no better place to consider than the NC mountains! Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or anything inbetween, choose Century 21 Heritage Realty. We’re the Ashe County real estate experts! We’ll bring professionalism and years of experience to the table. So stop dreaming of your next steps, and start walking towards them! C21 Heritage Realty is ready to help. Give us a call at 1-800-865-4221. We can’t wait to connect you with the home of your dreams!

NC Mountain Rental Cabins

There is practically no better way to mentally reset and regroup than a relaxing vacation getaway. And what better place to host said getaway than the North Carolina mountains? With a suite of hiking trails and breathtaking mountain views at every angle, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option for getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern day to day living than this. Take a look! If you’re ready to stand upon a gorgeous mountain top or snuggle up close to a loved one in a cozy cabin rental, then look no further than NC mountain rental cabins. This part of the country isn’t just for romantic getaways or hiding away from modern stressors. There’s plenty to do with the whole family, kiddos included. Check out these fun NC ideas to be had for families with children.

Family Fun North Carolina Vacation Ideas

new river canoe raceThere are a whole lot of reasons to peruse the NC mountain rental cabins available as you plan your family fun vacation. From the gorgeous sights to be had from the Blue Ridge Mountains to scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway or an evening in the rental hot tub—there’s plenty to see and do both indoors and outdoors. Oftentimes families are curious if their vacation getaway will have enough to keep the kids entertained. Rest assured, North Carolina is a great choice for families with younger and older children in tow! Here are some fun ideas for those planning an NC trip with kiddos in tow.

Try the State Parks

Thanks to the phenomenal mountain views, North Carolina has rapidly seen an increase in vacation homes and vacation rentals to accommodate the influx of distant onlookers who want to take in the sights a bit more closely. If your family enjoys outdoor adventures in particular, this is the perfect place to nurture that passion. NC is known for its robust system of state parks. What’s even better is that several of them offer free admission. There presently exists over forty parks littered throughout the state of North Carolina. One of our personal favorites is Grandfather Mountain State Park. Children often enjoy the swinging bridge it offers. So, make sure you add this to your list of places to see!

Grab Your Fishing Poles

fishing poleWhether you’re one who appreciates the thrill of the catch or you just like laying low on a boat, North Carolina’s fishing scene is the perfect choice for a family with children. While many vacationers might argue that fishing along the coastal side of NC is really where it’s at, there is something to be said for the more remote options available among the mountains. Either way, it’s a terrific opportunity to teach your children patience and foster a sense of unity as you idle in your rowboat and wait for the perfect catch.

Try White Water Rafting

Some families may derive great fulfillment and pleasure from a quiet afternoon of fishing. Others, however, might like a bit more pep in their step. Or splash. Cue whitewater rafting! North Carolina steps up to the plate in providing a vast array of phenomenal options for this specific activity. Within the Smoky Mountains in particular, you’ve got places such as Carolina Outfitters that is guaranteed to provide the family a good time. So grab your water shoes and any safety gear you might need. You’ll be in for a treat as you fight the rapids as a family unit. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Work with NC’s Best Realty Group

land realtorIt doesn’t take many trips to North Carolina before folks realize that this dream destination can become a permanent residence. The real estate market is booming as newcomers soak up the sights and partake in the host of activities to be experienced. If you are considering relocating to this scenic part of the country, then you’re in luck. Get in touch with NC’s best realty group. You’re going to want an agency with experience and professionalism. You’re going to want Century 21 Heritage Realty. Don’t delay in transforming your dreams into a reality! Call C21 Heritage Realty’s team of phenomenal real estate agents a call today at 1-800-865-4221.

Vacation Cabins in NC Mountains

snowy mountainsWhen it comes to booking the ideal destination vacation, North Carolina is unlikely to be the immediate choice to pop into someone’s head. However with its national forests, mountain views, and endless supply of hiking trails, it serves as no surprise that the Blue Ridge Mountains are rapidly becoming a popular option for romantic getaways and family retreats. If you’ve been pondering whether a beach trip is the way to go versus an isolated weekend at a mountain cabin, we certainly have a suggestion for you: the North Carolina mountains. So start eyeballing those vacation rentals and packing those bags! Because we’ve got four phenomenal reasons why you should consider vacation cabins in the NC mountains for your next big trip.

Top Four Reasons to Vacation in North Carolina

If you ask pretty much anyone where they’d love to go for their next vacation, you more than likely won’t be hearing North Carolina as the answer. However, we’d like to think that once you’ve taken a gander at some of our top reasons to vacation in NC, you’ll be scouting out the best prices for vacation homes. Let’s take a look at why some Smoky Mountains cabins should be on your radar!

  1. The Blue Ridge Mountains. Being a coastal state, North Carolina undeniably has gorgeous beach venues. However, did you know that the state also boasts the highest peak in eastern mainland North America? Mount Michell is the name, at 6,636 feet is its game, standing as the king of the Appalachian Mountains. With a slew of state parks and peaceful hiking spots, you won’t regret a leisurely stroll through the Blue Ridge Mountains or a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  2. The sandy beaches. Who doesn’t love a day of fun in the sun and sand in your shorts? Okay, maybe not the sand in the shorts part. But the glistening waters and soft white sand of the outer banks are great enough reason alone for a trip to North Carolina. The Outer Banks feature 200 miles of fun outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy along the beach. From kayaking, swimming, fishing, and even hand gliding, you won’t regret setting aside time to scout out this vacation option.
  3. The craft beer. This reason is not entirely family friendly. However, for romantic road trips or team building retreats, you will find solace in the fantastic craft beer scene. Raleigh in particular has grown to become known as one of the country’s top five options for a satisfying craft beverage! Further, Asheville also has a local nickname of “Beer City”. So, you won’t go wrong with sampling your options there as well. With more than 11 microbreweries within the city, the entire squad will find something to satisfy their tastes and preferences!
  4. The BEST Barbecue. That’s right. We said it. North Carolina’s barbecue scene is unlike any other. There is a reason why the state has become known for it. It’s delicious! With a classic vinegar-focused sauce, it pairs magnificently with hush puppies, pulled pork, baked beans, and coleslaw. Delicious! Top it all off with a huge cup of sweet tea, and you’ll be in for a meal that you’ll likely never forget. Food in North Carolina is certainly no joke!

Work with NC’s Cabin Rental Experts

Ashe Co Real EstateIf the call of rock climbing adventures and ocean-side relaxing is too great to bear, then don’t delay! Scout out your best choices for vacation cabins in NC mountains and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a fleeting retreat or long-term real estate investment, the experts at Century 21 Heritage Realty are here to help. Our dynamic team boasts years of experience navigating the Ashe County real estate market. So we are confident that we have the tools and the team to connect you with the best vacation rentals. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or sell, choose C21 Heritage Realty! Give us a call at 1-800-865-4221 to learn more about our services. We can’t wait to work with you!

Real Estate in Western NC

Life brings with it many wonderful transitions. Graduation from school, mountain cabinstarting your first job, and even buying your first home!  If you’re at the point where you’re either scouting out your starter home or pondering an upgrade (or perhaps a downgrade in the case of empty nesters), there’s never been a better time to consider North Carolina. Real estate in western NC is booming right now. Many visitors realize what a peaceful haven the High Country is. If you are one who appreciates the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, set your sights on mountain property in the North Carolina real estate market! Options abound, and you can have your pick of small unincorporated communities or burgeoning towns. So what are you waiting for? There’s so much to see and do around here!

Inviting Western North Carolina Real Estate

North Carolina is quite a diverse state in terms of its geography. The northwestern part has become well-known as a high quality tourist destination due to its wide array of indoor and outdoor activities. When it comes to areas like Ashe County in particular, you’ll find yourself able to hike the gorgeous trails of Appalachia on one day, then casually meander through shops centered around arts and crafts the very next. Variety is the spice of life, as they say! And there is just so much appeal to Ashe County and its larger towns like West Jefferson, NC. Once you’ve had your fill of soaking up the mountain views of the Blue Ridge, make sure you check out a couple of our favorite hot spots for delicious dishes to refuel and refresh yourself.

Good Eats in West Jefferson

Ashe County as a whole offers a surplus of opportunities to enjoy yourself both outside and inside. Regardless of whether you prefer a day of backpacking or thrift shopping in antique stores, you’re going to eventually need to eat! As you can imagine, towns like West Jefferson are brimming with a variety of cuisines that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite places to nab some “good eats” in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant

ashe county bar food

Address: 108 S Jefferson Avenue | West Jefferson, NC 28694
Phone: 336-246-5222
If your favorite restaurant vibe includes spicy chicken wings and juicy burgers, then you are going to love Boondocks Brewing Tap Room & Restaurant. These savory meal options can be paired harmoniously with 30+ craft beers on tap. What’s even better is that the menu items fluctuate based on the season, so if there are things you aren’t quite fond of, you may not see them again during your second or third visit.

Outside of the scope of offering phenomenal food and tasty beverages, Boondocks Brewing stands out from the crowd as a top notch venue that provides the best customer service around. So if you’re in the mood for some of the best comfort food and a relaxed atmosphere to boot, don’t miss out on this wonderful restaurant and brewery. You have to try it at least once during your stay in West Jefferson!

Village Inn Pizza Parlor

Address: 432 E 2nd Street | West Jefferson, NC 28694
Phone: 336-846-2200
There are times when the whole family struggles to agree on what they want to eat. During those instances, there is often a choice that can sate even the pickiest of appetites. That’s right. We’re talking about pizza. And what better place to stop for a quick and easy dinner than West Jefferson’s very own Village Inn Pizza Parlor

ashe county pizza

This is a restaurant that boasts an exceptionally attentive and polite staff, in addition to a healthy variety of food options that both adults and children will find appealing. Their salad bar is home to a satisfactory variety of vegetables, and it is always well stocked. But, who goes to a pizza place for the salad? Maybe some of us, but we all know that the pizza is where it’s really at. And you can rest assured that Village Inn Pizza Parlor does not disappoint on this front. The pizzas are always fresh and utterly scrumptious. So if you’re looking for some familiar food with good side options, great service, and an even better price point that won’t break the bank⁠—make sure you add this eatery to your list of places to try at least once while you’re in town.

Secure Your Mountain Property Today

The food scene in West Jefferson is as satisfying as the beautiful mountain views that envelope the area. A single trip to this part of the state is simply not enough to see or sample all that Ashe County has to offer. If you’re thinking that it’s about time to start looking through real estate in western NC, then you’re in luck. The dynamic team at Century 21 Heritage Realty is here to help.

With our fantastic group of agents who have occupied the Ashe County area for years, you are guaranteed an extraordinary realty experience with C21 Heritage Realty. Let us show you the best listings for the area! We are ready to go to work for you in securing the best commercial, residential, or land real estate options for your needs. Give us a call at 336-246-2664 to learn more about us and what we can do for you. Or if you’re already in the area, why not swing by our office? You can find us at 11 Beaver Creek School Road in West Jefferson. We’re conveniently roughly 2 miles from the Village Inn Pizza Parlor. Come chat with us for a while, then grab yourself some delicious pizza.

We look forward to working with you soon and finding you the mountain property of your dreams here in the High Country!

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