Ashe County Land for Sale close to New River

ashe county land for sale Walk to the New River from this wooded tract, property has a small stream, some marketable timber, small pond, long range views from the ridge. Very nice DW with new HVAC system. Property could be divided or keep in its entirety. Call for more info. The property is located at: 1759 Howard Colvard Rd, Crumpler, 28617  CLICK HERE FOR THIS ASHE COUNTY REAL ESTATE FULL LISTING

Century 21 Heritage Realty, West Jefferson real estate office, lists and assists all types of real estate transactions in Ashe County. If you are looking for a home to buy, or land for horses and other uses, we would love to discuss options that might be your dream home. The market is filled with great properties in our inventory right now. Now is a great time to buy! Give us a call today if you are interesting in this property in Crumpler NC.

Real Estate Today Radio Discusses Full Buying Process

Real Estate Today Radio released a new show yesterday called, ‘The Closing’. The team from the National Association of Realtors go over facts and stats at the beginning about the current financial mortgage / bank rate status,  and home buying futures. They also provide a wealth of helpful tips and information on understanding the home buying process, specifically vacation rental homes.



Century 21 Heritage Realty is the top Ashe County real estate and Ashe County land for sale team of professionals. Our staff is comprised of locals, and newcomers to the area. We have bought and sold properties throughout Ashe County and West Jefferson and understand the markets of the High Country. If you are searching for homes for sale Ashe County NC and have a certain budget in mind, or an idea of what you are looking for related to square footage and amenities, we would love to help you. We work with first time buyers as well as first time sellers. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and the different options that you have available in your budget and situation.

Things to Do Before Buying a Home: How Many Have You Done?

homes for sale ashe county ncIf you are a first time home buyer you likely have a lot of questions about the process, and you might wonder what to do next. You want to buy a home. You love the area. You may already even be interested in a few properties or have at least taken a look at the current MLS listings to think of the possibilities. Talking to your spouse, friends, coworkers and relatives is a wonderful place to start. The next thing you should do is take an inventory of your needs and wants and go from there. Our team has helped countless new home buyers and families buying Ashe County real estate properties. We’d love to help you find a home that fits you, and that becomes ‘home’.

  1. Crunch your Numbers
  2. Know your Credit Score
  3. Amass a Down Payment
  4. Get Educated
  5. Interview Real Estate Agents
  6. Go Mortgage Shopping
  7. Ballpark your Closing Costs
  8. Ponder Your Future

This handy list was compiled from an article on posted April 20, 2016 by Margaret Heidenry available in its entirety here:

Is Real Estate Really the No. 1 Investment Right Now?

ashe county real estateWe know: You’re getting mixed messages. Homeownership is at record lows. But so are mortgage rates (even though some mortgages are harder to come by). Prices are inflated in some markets. Still, real estate edged out cash (the 2013 and 2014 pick) in a survey of investments Americans would park their money in over the next decade.

The source:, which says Americans love real estate once again (garnering 27% of the vote), and are less keen on the financial industry.

“Cash came in second with 23 percent of investors, only 17 percent said the stock market is their preferred place for long-term money and just 5 percent said they would put their long-term money in bonds,” wrote CNBC.

“For many investors, the tangible nature of real estate simply offers much more peace of mind than the intangible nature of stock and bonds,” certified financial planner and vice president of Proctor Financial in Sherborn, MA, Stephen Doucette told them.

As for the stats: “The S&P/Case-Shiller 20-City Composite Home Price Index, which measures the value of residential real estate in 20 major metropolitan areas, has generated a hearty annualized 9.2 percent return over the past three years through June 30, but produced an annualized 0.4 percent loss over the past decade. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 index, a broad measure of the U.S. stock market, grew an annualized 14.8 percent over the past three years and 5.87 percent over the past 10 years,” they write.

The crash may have had a little something to do with those numbers, of course. And you can’t cash that home in as quickly as you could a stock or bond, even in the era of bidding wars and cash buys.

This is all fodder for investors to ponder, but what about average Joe and Jill? Jonathan Smoke, our own chief economist, is bullish on real estate and has told us not to lose faith. “The market is clearly shifting toward more of a balance in the second half of the year,” he wrote in his column this week. “Combined with a temporary reprieve from rising mortgage rates and slightly easier access to credit, buyers should find it easier to purchase a home in the months ahead.”

The following article by Lisa Davis, posted July 23, 2015 on originally is available at

Heritage Realty, in West Jefferson are Ashe County Real Estate’s premier group offering homes for sale Ashe County NC and information on investing in vacation rentals and other types of investment properties throughout the region. Our team is equipped to help you understand the process of buying and using real estate as an investment and help you maximize your potential earnings. Contact us today!



5 Benefits of Country Living

We all know the age old story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse. The two love their respective homes and the benefits that each provides them. What is not to love about wide open spaces and a better air quality? For those that have never lived in the country, or dwell in the suburbs, you may not think that the quiet life, far removed from the big box retailers and conveniences of pizza delivery is for you, but there are surprising benefits of the country life and owning real estate in a more rural area. According to recent data from the United Nations,  the stats predict that the number of Americans living in rural areas will drastically drop from its current 46% to 34% by 2050. The exodus of the country mouse to the city, in this case, is mostly related to job and economic opportunities, but science has proven that the country mouse can reap plenty of proven benefits from remaining in the country.

Here are 5 Reasons why living in the country, namely, our country, Ashe County in the Blue Ridge Mountains, has its benefits. Our NC mountain real estate agents live, work and play in Ashe County and can help you find the right home or mountain property for your needs and desires. We assist buyers and sellers each day with Ashe County real estate questions and love meeting new people. If you are a newcomer, we would love the opportunity to show you homes for sale Ashe County NC that are perfect for you. If you are a first time home buyer and love the low prices on NC mountain land for sale here, we’d be glad to help you. Click to contact us and find out more.

1. Greenery! It’s not just for Air Quality!

Sometimes referred to as Vitamin G, this aspect highlights the importance ofashe county real estate greenery in our lives. Greenery, in the form of trees and plants, are not only gorgeous to look at, but they provide numerous benefits one being that your brain is able to retain more information and control impulses. This is what a University of Michigan study found when they researched the ways in which humans were affected by spending a few minutes daily on a crowded city street. Another study, found similarly that people living in areas where their views contain concrete and asphalt have higher reported levels of aggression and violence when compared with people who live in the same area, but had a view that contained a view of trees. Of course, we all know that more greenery means a better air quality, more oxygen in the air which helps medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease.

2. Fewer Psychological Problems

Well, after learning about the above studies, this point is a given. The Journal Schizophrenia Bulletin, has included at least 10 studies that have shown that people in more urban areas were more likely to be diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and schizophrenia. Environmental factors, such as those associated with an urban setting, have been known to play a role in the development of mental illnesses. This is especially true for anxiety disorders. Green environments, and country ‘living’ typically are associated with lower levels of sadness and depression.

3. You are Less Likely to be the victim of a violent crime

The population is lower in the country and that means you are less likely to be the victim of a violent crime. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ released an annual, National Crime Victimization survey that reported that violent crime rates in rural areas are ONE THIRD lower than those in urban regions. Of course, it is still smart for country homeowners to invest in a home security system as burglary rates in country regions are usually higher.

4. You are More Likely to Own the Home

Most people dream of one day owning their own property. The possibility of being a homeowner gets a lot higher the further into the country that you go. Homeownership rates are higher in states with rural communities than states with large metropolitan urban centers. The old adage that you ‘get more for your money’ can be applied here. Square footage per dollar is a lot lower in the country. The only real issue is job security and finding employment. Ashe County is filled with a lot of great job opportunities within the healthcare and education sectors in the county. Manufacturing is also still important to the area’s economy. Neighboring counties also have a great deal of options for employment.

5. Lower Costs related to ‘Living’ashe county real estate

When moving to the country, a lot of people report their reason was to enjoy a lower cost of living. It’s not just home prices, too. Sure, home prices are significantly higher in cities such as New York City, and Washington D.C., but food prices are even more insane in urban areas. If you were to check the prices of food and other items in urban dwellings, such as NYC you would be shocked at the exorbitant prices that city dwellers have to pay just to get a box of cheerios. What is even more true is, the food is significantly better in country regions. Access to gardens and farms, as well as the lower cost of groceries makes living in the country a top choice for people that like a lower cost of living, and eating delicious and health foods.

When Is Housing’s Black Friday? Some Surprising Holiday Home-Buying Trends

Thanksgiving evokes certain unshakable images: Long tables crammed with too much food. Beloved and bickering family members consuming way too much of that food. Overstuffed family members staggering away from the table to watch football. And once the crumbs and turkey bones and cranberries are cleared away, just about everyone gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.

While prowling the malls for fantastic deals has become enshrined as a traditional part of many Americans’ holiday season, it has long been considered conventional wisdom that this sales fervor doesn’t extend to shopping for a home—that there’s no deluge of would-be buyers surfing the Web for listings or slogging through the (presumed) snow to open houses.

But does the housing market really come to a screeching halt during the holidays? The® team decided to put down its Best Buy circulars and Victoria’s Secret gift cards long enough to find out for sure. In order to measure people’s interest in shopping for a home, we used traffic data on from throughout 2014. Not-quite-spoiler: Traffic is much lower on an actual holiday. But what about directly afterwards? And in different parts of the country?

We compared the traffic data for on Thanksgiving Day 2014 with that of an average day in 2014’s fourth quarter, and then we identified states where house-hunting activity appeared to be most and least impacted by the holiday.

ashe county real estateIn balmy Hawaii, the amount of people house hunting on turkey day is only 10% less than the average for that quarter. However, in New Hampshire, the number is down by almost 60%.

And overall, the Thanksgiving slowdown only lasts as long as it takes to digest that huge mass of poultry—and hit a few Black Friday sales. By Saturday, it’s pretty much business as usual.

But according to our database, the number of scheduled open houses on the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend is going to be only 6% of the number from this past weekend. So for buyers serious enough to attend a Thanksgiving open house, your effort will likely pay off—you will be dealing with equally determined sellers and facing less competition.

Moving beyond Thanksgiving, we looked at the impact of all major holidays. Take a look at the graphic: Dark red indicates higher traffic, while light yellow indicates lower traffic.

So what is the true Black Friday of the housing business? Here’s a holiday shocker: Dec. 28 was actually one of the busiest days for real estate searches in the entire year, despite the fact that Dec. 24 was the single slowest.

The reason: When we’re over the holiday hump but still on break, it’s a great time to look for our dream home. The same reason explains the surge of activity on New Year’s Day. And, perhaps buying a house is a popular New Year’s resolution?

Another surprising, best-performing day on a holiday weekend: the other side of the year, July 6. Instead of traveling, many buyers apparently use the long weekend in the height of the buying season to search for homes and go to open houses.

Overall, the spring market typically has the best combination of inventory and value—more homes go onto the market, but prices have not yet thawed. If you miss out on that sweet spot, the second-best opportunity is in fall. Sept. 1, on Labor Day weekend, was another top performer—it’s all part of a seasonal pattern that buyers and sellers can use to their advantage if they are not constrained by school schedules or job transfers.

Besides family-oriented holidays, there’s one more holiday that significantly slows down home-searching activity. Nope, not Mother’s Day, not Father’s Day, but … Valentine’s Day. Think about it: Your significant other wants to take you out for a romantic dinner. Are you gonna say no because you want to stay at home to browse photos of fixer-uppers?

 *Source:’s article entitled, “When Is Housing’s Black Friday? Some Surprising Holiday Home-Buying Trends” by Yuqing Pan posted on November 23, 2015.

Century 21 Heritage Realty is a full service Ashe County real estate firm helping clients buy and sell real estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We are based in West Jefferson, in the ‘High Country’ region of the mountains. Our location affords us with plenty of great amenities as well as lots of amazing views and land to roam. Click to begin browsing for NC Mountain real estate in our region. We would love to show you Ashe County NC real estate properties and help you find your dream home.

What is the Right Home for You?

ashe county homes for sale Before you begin thinking about which houses to look and what kind of house to buy in the NC mountains, consider you lifestyle. Century 21 Heritage Realty features listings of all types of Ashe County homes for sale. You’ll want to factor in your current needs and likes, and anticipate additional needs. Of course, your budget will determine the price range of the homes that you qualify for. Think of finding the right house as a balance or dance of balancing your needs and absolute “must-haves” with idealistic ideas and your wants.

If you love entertaining and spending time cooking delicious meals for your friends and family, you’ll be more interested in homes that come with a fully equipped kitchen with extra upgrades. If you and your kids love spending time in the outdoors, you may want to think about a yard where you can have a flower or vegetable garden. If you have numerous automobiles, you may think about homes with extra space in the garage areas or that have adequate parking. Work up a list of things that you like to experience in life, or want to enjoy more of and let that list be a guide as you work with us to search properties you are interested in.

Lastly, think about how your needs may change in the future and how long you are wanting to live in this particular property. If you are a newlywed, you probably are not too concerned with school districts and where you live right now, but easily as your family grows, you may become more concerned about where your children go to school and how close you are to resources that you will need. Some have a need to look at homes with plenty of space for additions, or ‘mother-in-law’ suites if you have parents in the elderly or aging segment.

Contact us or begin your search online here, for Ashe County Real Estate. We love representing buyers who are interested in finding the best property for their lifestyle. If you are not sure what you are looking for, we can help you narrow down your list of wants and likes and go from there.