A Prime Time to Purchase Land

ashe county land for sale

If you’re looking for the best deals on Ashe County land for sale, contact Century 21 Heritage Realty.

The holidays have arrived in the High Country and have blessed us with our first big snowfall. This brings families from around the region up the mountain to visit and play in the snow. It is also an excellent time of year to give your family the gift of a home or vacation house in Western North Carolina. If you are in the market for Ashe County land for sale, contact the experts at Century 21 Heritage Realty.

A Vibrant Yet Peaceful Place to Live

The beauty of Ashe County goes beyond what’s on the surface. Rolling hills and mountain peaks in the distance seem to transport you to a stunningly beautiful alternative reality. Any option of Ashe County land for sale will feature peaceful serenity that is only a short drive from civilization – the best of both worlds! Click to view Ashe County land for sale today!

Though rural by standard definition, Ashe County features quality schools and activities for families. What you will find at each Ashe County school is a low student to faculty ratio, meaning classes are smaller in size. Rest assured that your child will receive personalized, individual attention throughout their primary school journey. If you are searching for Ashe county land for sale and are wondering where you can get the best deals, call Century 21 Heritage Realty today.

Outdoor Activities to Satisfy Your Inner Outdoorsman

We know that not everyone is as hooked on the outdoors like natives to the High Country are. Despite this, we believe that every individual can find fun in the available recreation in Ashe County. West Jefferson NC features Mountain Aire Golf Course featuring 18 holes of well maintained fairways.

The New River State Park in North Carolina is an exceptional choice for outdoor fun in the warmer months. You and the family can enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, picnicking and much more. No matter the season, the High Country – and Ashe County in particular – has plenty to offer.

The Best Deals on Ashe County Land for Sale

Where can you find the best deals on Ashe County land for sale? They may be hiding, bust rest assured that our talented team of realtors know every nook and cranny of Ashe County. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among the Ashe County land for sale, contact us using our contact form or call us at 800-865-4221 today!