Blue Ridge Parkway Real Estate

The Blue Ridge Parkway weaves its way through Ashe County and the surrounding High Country areas creating numerous spots to hike and it is one of the best drives. The lands that surround the parkway are protected by the National Park System. The parkway is a remarkable place, and has played a very important role in the history of the area. It was created during the policies and administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and much of the work took place under New Deal policies. It is a scenically beautiful drive that features lots of overlooks and places to pull off and snap photographs. Hiking trails abound and lead throughout the Blue Ridge Parkway and many join other trail systems.

In Ashe County, the Blue Ridge Parkway spans near Jefferson and West Jefferson and there are several places of significance. One of the most popular is the Cascades Trail at E.B. Jeffress  Park where Falls Creek plunges down the rock ledge creating a gorgeous series of cascading waterfalls. You can hike the trail in about an hour and its not strenuous at all, except for a few spots where you have to go up or down stairs. The trail makes a nice loop if you follow it the whole way, and the park features some 600 acres of pristine lands. Another notable spot is the Jumpinoff Rocks spot in Glendale Springs. It’s located at MP 260.3. A bit further up the parkway, towards Virginia, you’ll also find Doughton Park at MP 238.5 to MP 244.7. This spot is the biggest recreation area in the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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